51INC speaks to the undeniable force that is women. "51" is a tip-of-the-hat to "majority" - exactly our status by global populous measures. Our mission is to UN-complicate and UN-fuss aspects of women's closets (and lives), without abandoning our sense of self and style. Our goal is to deliver items that are considered and unpretentious, with deliberate and practical details framed in beauty. Our aesthetic is progressive but approachable, and simplicity does not equal plain. 


DUALITY. Women live in a state of it. We invariably walk the line between family/profession, work/play, activity/recovery, being on-the-road/off the-road, "INtoxing/DEtoxing". As an entrepreneur and business owner, I am always searching for the right items to accommodate the flux of this lifestyle. The thing is, boundaries have become blurred and there is a challenge to distinguish between what works in multiple situations and what does not. Women require practical, diverse options without foregoing beauty, style and quality in their closets. 51inc believes in authenticity, professional polish, sexy sportiness, elegant edginess and keeping it real. Our woman embraces the sensuality and relaxed confidence that cultivates with time. 51inc takes an organic approach to design and distribution, and we cultivate each season, allotting proper time and care to achieve our goals of "hi-tech" and "hi-touch." We believe in quality over quantity, and therefore we limit our output each season to reflect our taste level and the highest workmanship that our partners expect, ensuring mutual success of our businesses. 


  •  Jin Seo (Co-Founder / Designer)
  •  Michael Seo (Co-Founder / Business Partner) 
  •  Alan Lopez (Brand Assistant)
  •  Josh Huffman (Art & Graphic Design) 
  •  Jean Frazier (Specialty Resort & Spa Sales Representative) 


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    250 W 27th Street, 6K
    New York, NY 10001


    Alan Lopez
    PR / Marketing / Social Media Assistant 

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